Hi, I am Kris Southard and this is
my company.  I started
ExactEvents in Washington, DC in
1992 after working on several
projects with public relations
firms and private foundations.  
The focus of my company is
special events where VIP's are in
attendance. It  is very important
that they receive the attention
that leaves a lasting positive
impression from the event.  I have
earned a reputation of knowing
how to make people feel special
and I bring this to every event and
meeting I do.
What do we do?
We provide exclusive, professional, and comprehensive meeting
management personalized to a senior executive's needs.  ExactEvents,
Inc.  is a special events management firm focused on planning,
managing, and executing events for the executive client where the
details are critical to the success of the event or meeting.  
What is unique about us?
We are sophisticated, intelligent managers capable of independent
decision making. Our services are conducted in an ethical and
professional manner.  We are anticipators and thinkers, and we can be
supporting role players. We have managed events at the highest
corporate and government levels.  We are professional managers who
use our collective skills to bring flawless service, attention to detail, and
satisfaction to our client.
Who is our principal client?
If you have a meeting that will include senior executives, government leaders or expertise leaders then our client is
you.  We are very focused on the type of meetings and events that we pursue.  Our clients have special needs such
as meetings in the pharmaceutical industry where key opinion leaders attend and are compensated for their
attendance.  Strict rules must be followed and in some cases reports filed after the meeting that give a detailed
breakdown of all expenditures that we make on behalf of the client..   We seek out executives in corporations and
large associations who want their event to be managed correctly down to the  last detail.   If this is your needs then
you are our principal client.
ExactEvents, Inc.
A Special Events Management Company